Origin: Greece
Packaging: 500gr
Bath salts are water-soluble, usually inorganic, solid products designed to be added to water.

Bath salts have been developed to mimic the properties of natural healing baths or hot springs.

MY MUSK aromas in edible white tones suitable for a foot bath, pedicure and relaxing bath.

Do not forget to use them as a room aroma, wardrobe, car or mug in a candle burner.

MY MUSK: With notes of musk, lily and rose.

For a bathtub, fill it about halfway.

Take the amount of bath salt you want and drop it into the bathroom, keeping your hand under the faucet,

allowing the salts to drop into the bathtub with water.

As you pour the salts into the water, their aroma will circulate through the steam, allowing for a very aromatic bath.
Depending on their size, the salts dissolve rapidly as soon as they come into contact with hot water.

Mix bath salts well in water so that the aromas are released into the water.

If you want to use bath salts for exfoliation, just take a small amount of bath salts and

add some water.

. Work the mixture on the skin and it will be softer and smoother than you had ever imagined.